March update

This was another quick one!  Everything has been snapped up.  I’ve sent all invoices and will be shipping on Weds. night/ Thursday morning.  For an announcement of the next update, plus several upcoming shows in Ontario, check back here in a few days’ time.

Welcome to almost-spring, everyone!  It’s not here yet, but the red-winged blackbirds’ calls and the brave (or foolish!) snowdrops peeking out of the brown earth have me hopeful.  In the giddy spirit of spring to come, I’ve chosen colournames for this batch that are either onomatopoeias or are just really fun to say out loud.  Give it a try!

First, though, email me if you see something that you’d like to claim:  Remember that colours may vary across different devices, so please ask if you’d like more description of a particular gobsmacker.  Prices for doubles (one long gradient over two 100g skeins) are the equivalent of two regular skeins.

Please note that shipping for this batch may be slowed somewhat by the Easter holiday, as Canada Post is closed on 30 March and 2 April.  I’ll ship all orders paid by 6pm Weds. on Thurs. morning; anything after that won’t go out until the following Tuesday.

4Q March

Four Quarter:
Back left: Trickle; Back right: All Aflutter; Front left: Babble; Front right: Zoom

4Q March_2

Four Quarter:
Back left:
Creak; Back right: Whip-poor-will; Front centre: Tarnished Rainbow

Stealth Plum


Four Quarter double (one long gradient, over two 100g cakes): 
Stealth Plum

MS March

merino/ silk fingering:
Back left:
Plunk; Back right: Beep, Beep!; Front left: A Satisfying Splatter; Front right: Gibbering Gerberas

ASL March

ASL fingering:
Back left:
Giggle Monster; Back right: Flutterby; Front centre: First Sign of Spring, A Rainbow


merino DK doubles (one long gradient, over two 100g cakes):
Flip & Flop ; Front: Hiccup & Honk 


merino DK doubles (one long gradient, over two 100g cakes):
Squelch & Squish; Front: Chirp!


merino DK double (one long gradient, over two 100g cakes):
Crackle & Snap



Feb. update

Wow, that update went fast.  Everything is now sold.  I’ll get the next few updates scheduled soon and will try to keep increasing the amount of yarn available for each update.

Olympic fever, anyone?  I love streaming the Olympics online, because I can choose all kinds of odd events and watch for a good long stretch.  Yesterday, I was amazed by women’s speed skating– 3km in just under four minutes?  Colour me impressed!

In the spirit of sport + whimsy, I’ve named some of this batch of gobsmackers after a series of quirky sports that are not part of the Olympics– some were demonstration sports that never quite caught on, others were official sports that have fallen out of favour, and a few are interesting “sports” that have never been part of the Olympics.   If there’s a year listed as part of the colourname, that’s the last time that that sport appeared at the Olympics.

As usual, email me ( to claim any yarn that you love; I’ll respond by email as quickly as I can and will follow up with a PayPal invoice.  Remember that colours vary across different devices, so do ask if you would like more description of a particular gobsmacker.  Note that doubles are equivalent in price to two skeins of the same base.

Dog Sledding & Ice Stock

merino DK doubles (one long gradient, over 2 skeins):
Dog Sledding (1952) (bright turquoise to kelly greens to dark magenta); Bottom: Ice Stock (1964) (this is royal purple to light turquoise)

mDK triple

merino DK triple (one long gradient, over 3 skeins):
Opening Ceremony

synchro & speed

merino/ silk DK doubles (one long gradient, over 2 skeins):
Top: Synchronized Skating (2002); Bottom: Speed Skiing (1992)



merino DK: Top left: An Eye for Elegance; Top centre: January Dawns; Top right: Polar Bear Swim; Bottom left: Cannon Shooting (1900); Bottom right: Military Patrol (1948)

A Bartholomew

merino/ silk DK gobbets (two matching 50g cakes): A Bartholomew, Ostentatiously Displayed


Four Quarter:
Top left: Hot Air Ballooning (1900); Top right: Reining (2004?); Bottom left: Snow Kayaking; Bottom right: Shovel Racing (this is dark royal purple to cadet blue with some magenta speckling)

Kaatsen 1928

Four Quarter gobbets (two matching 50g cakes): Kaatsen (1928)

Alpinism 1936

merino/ silk fingering double (one long gradient, over two skeins):
Alpinism (1936)

MCS lace_Feb

merino/ cashmere/ silk heavy lace:
left: Born a Year Old/ Korean age; right: Wushu (2008) (this is royal purple to emerald green)

ASC lace_Feb

Alpaca/ silk/ cashmere lace: left: Frost Fire; right: The Women Divers of Jeju

Ski ballet 1988

BFL/ silk lace:
Ski Ballet (1988)


Taking flight

I’ve been dyeing lots of doubles and even some triples lately– that’s two or three skeins of yarn, dyed as one long continuous gradient.  They’re great because they give you lots of yardage for larger projects, as well as some fun options for striping a single gradient against itself.

Sometimes, though, more options means a harder time figuring out what to do with a precious gobsmacker…  So I thought I’d start a series of posts with some pattern suggestions, featuring some of the amazing gobsmacked FOs that folks are posting in my Ravelry group.

First up, Pteryx, a brand-new design from Nim Teasdale!

Pteryx, by Nim Teasdale, in Double Rainbow, a gobsmacked merino DK double.  Photo courtesy of Nim Teasdale.

It’s a stunning textured triangle, knit sideways from a DK double.  The stitch pattern works beautifully with the dappled gobsmacked gradients, simultaneously mixing and highlighting the variations in colour.  The double provides a generous 420 m (460 yds) of DK weight, so the final shawl is squishy and warm– and big enough to wear easily.  Nim used a merino DK double for hers, but the pattern would be amazing in merino/ silk or silky yak DK as well.

The textured stitch of Pteryx looks like the structure of feathers, or birds in flight.  Photo courtesy of Nim Teasdale.

Nim is just wrapping up testing of Pteryx; I’ll be back with a link to the pattern as soon as it’s published.  In the meantime, do tune in for the gobsmacked update this Sunday, 11 February at 3pm Eastern (Toronto/ New York time).  I’ll have various laceweights and some fingering, plus several beautiful sets of DK doubles, just waiting to take flight as Pteryx!

Happy New Year

Happy 2018, friends!  I hope that you rang in the new year with style, or at least in good cheer.  I had plenty of time set aside this past week and a half and was really looking forward to playing with some new ideas in the dyepots– but, alas, I was flattened by the flu over the holidays.  I’m improving steadily, if slowly.  Unfortunately, the lost time in the dyepots means that I’m not going to be able to pull things together for the January update.  That means that the next update will be Sunday, 11 February, at 3pm Eastern time (Toronto/ NY time).

In the meantime, I’m hosting the annual gobsmacked Ides of March KAL, known as the gobSMACKdown, over in my Ravelry group.  Please do come join us– there are lots of interesting projects on the go, and a bunch of pattern suggestions that are sure to make your queue grow ever longer.  Oh, and there are prizes, too!


December update

This update is mostly about blues– not the blues as in sadness, but the colour blue, for those who are planning on participating in the Blue, White, and Sparkle knit-a-long on Ravelry (info here).  Blues can be hard to photograph, so I’ve provided a brief description for many of the cakes; please email if you have questions about colours.  Also, remember that my gradients are dappled, not smooth– the simplest looking blue-to-white cakes will probably flash and pool in interesting ways.

To claim yarn, email me using the new email address:  Note that doubles are the same price as two skeins of the same base.

Wearing Ditto Blues & A Blue Drugget Gown_4Q

Four Quarter:
Wearing Ditto-Blues; Right: A Blue-Drugget Gown

Tiger Balm For Tots & To Knap a Hot Un_4Q

Four Quarter:
Left: Tiger Balm for Tots; Right: To Knap a Hot ‘Un

To Sport Ones Oak & Join the Swamp Thing_4Q

Four Quarter:
To Sport One’s Oak; Right: Join the Swamp Thing!


Wondrous Camouflage-4Q

Four Quarter: Wondrous Camouflage

Fairydust Fallout_4Qd

Four Quarter double (2x 100g, one long gradient):
Fairydust Fallout

Tenacious & To Have A Button On_mf

merino fingering:
Tenacious; Right: To Have a Button On

Well Dash My Buttons_BFLg

BFL giant double (2x 150g cakes, one long gradient):
Well Dash My Buttons!


Surprisingly Fruity & Blushing Like a Blue Dog & A Tall Glass of Blue Ruin & Unbelievably Cool_MCNg

MCN giants:
Back Left:
Suprisingly Fruity; Back Right: Blushing Like a Blue Dog; Front Left: A Tall Glass of Blue Ruin; Front Right: Unbelievably Cool

To Get Ones Silk & Not All is Blue

merino/ silk doubles (2x 100g, in one long gradient): Left: To Get One’s Silk; Right: Not All Is Blue


Stealth Sky_ASL

alpaca/ silk/ linen: Stealth Sky

January Dawns & An Eye For An Elegance & A Blue-Pigeon Flyer_mDK

merino DK:
Back Left:
January Dawns; Back Right: An Eye For An Elegance; Front: A Blue-Pigeon Flyer

By All Thats Blue_MS-DK

merino/ silk DK double (2x 100g, one long gradient): By All That’s Blue!


And Thence Into Deep Water & The Whole of the Roof & La Bleue Celle-La_BFL-Slace.jpg

BFL/ silk lace: Back Left: And Thence Into Deep Water; Back Right: The Whole of the Roof; Front: La Bleue Celle-La


High Cockalorum Jig Jig Jig_mHeavy

merino heavylace:
High Cockalorum, Jig Jig Jig

She Fell Into the Alphabet & Boxing a Charley_Gar

Gargantua: Left: She Fell Into the Alphabet (reddish purple to hot pink to bright coraly orange); Right: Boxing a Charley


November update

This update is now sold out.  Please stop back for the next update on 10 December at 6pm Eastern Standard Time.

BIG yarn this time around– doubles, a rare double giant, and a new bulky weight.  The website and name are new, too, but the procedure is the same: All yarn is one-of-a-kind, available only in the exact cakes that you see in the photos.  If you see something you love, email me to claim it.  Please make sure to use my new email address!

gobsmacked email

Remember that colours may vary considerably across devices; please email with any questions you might have.


Four Quarter double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Wide-Eyed


Four Quarter double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Undone


Four Quarter double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Agape

Stunning Mesas_4Q2

Four Quarter Double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Stunning Mesas

Boundless Astonishment_BFLg2

BFL fingering double giant (2-150g cakes, one long gradient, $114 Cdn.): Boundless Astonishment

Blown Away_MCNg

MCN giant (150g, $66 Cdn.): Blown Away


MCN giant (150g, $66 Cdn.): Stupefied

Big Gobbets-MN.jpg

merino-nylon big gobbets (matching 75g cakes, wound in opposite direction to better show colours; $57 Cdn.): Left: Flummoxed; Centre: Bowled Over; Right: Knocked For Six


merino DK double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Awestruck


merino DK double (2-100g cakes, one long gradient, $76 Cdn.): Bewildered

Wonderstruck & Staggered_Gargantua

Gargantua (bulky 80% sw merino, 20% nylon, 100g, 70m/76 yd, $38 Cdn.): Left: Wonderstruck; Right: Staggered

Floored & Filled With Awe_Gargantua

Gargantua (bulky 80% sw merino, 20% nylon, 100g, 70 m/ 76 yd, $38 Cdn.): Left: Floored; Right: Filled With Awe

Welcome to gobsmacked!

Welcome to the new home of gobsmacked yarn.  Here, you’ll find the beloved dappled gradients that I dyed under my previous business name, gobstopper.  And, over time, I’ll be exploring some exciting new dyeing techniques, all with the goal of creating truly astonishing yarn.


For now, come on in and look around the new site– and be sure to mark your calendars for the first gobsmacked update: right here on Sunday, 19 November at 1pm Eastern Standard Time (Toronto/ New York time).  If you’d like to receive email reminders about this and other updates, please join my mailing list (details here).