Shipping within Canada: Packages within Ontario cost $12 for one or two cakes, including tracking and insurance; shipping to other destinations in Canada is slightly higher.  If you live outside Ontario, I’m happy to provide a quote for a package to your location.

Shipping to the US without insurance or tracking is $8.75 for one or two cakes or $12 for three or four.  The time in transit varies from as little as 5 days to as much as 3 weeks.  Please note that shipping without insurance or tracking is the least expensive option, but it does carry a small risk; if you’d prefer to follow your package on its way, please email me to ask for a shipping quote including insurance and tracking.

Shipping to the rest of the world: I’m happy to ship anywhere that Canada Post and your local postal service will go.  In general, packages to Europe, the UK, and Australia cost $12 for 1-2 gobstoppers and $23 for 3-4 gobstoppers.  These quotes are for air mail, without tracking or insurance; estimated delivery times are 6-12 days (though packages may take longer).  If you prefer to follow your package on its way, or if you’d like an estimate for your specific location, please get in touch by email.  Please remember that there may be additional taxes or duties when you receive your package; I’m not able to provide any information on these, as such charges are up to customs officials in your country.