December update

Thanks for another great update! Everything is now sold, invoices are all out, and packages will be in the mail on Monday. I’ll be back in the new year with lots more yarn and some new adventures; in the meantime, I’m sending all the best to you and yours for the holidays and throughout the year to come.

Time has been moving strangely lately, but I have it on good authority that it is currently December, so here we go! The process for today’s update is the usual: If you see some yarn you’d like to claim, email me with your request (  An update can get pretty wild on my end, but I promise I’ll respond to your email to let you know if you got your choices.  I’ll send out PayPal invoices once things start to quiet down a bit (usually, about an hour after the update starts).

Reminders: Colours vary from device to device; I always include a written description of how I see the colour, but please do ask if you’re uncertain about a particular cake or set.  I’ll mail packages on Monday afternoon. That should be enough time for yarn to arrive by Christmas if you’re in Canada or the US– but please note that I cannot guarantee delivery times. Packages to the US occasionally take a month or more to arrive. If you’re ordering yarn for a gift, let me know and we can talk about some options.

Four Quarter
Top Left: A Sense of Home; Top Center: Not the Norm; Top Right: Rolling Through Like Thunder;
Center Left: My Dear Petunia; Center: After Four; Center Right: Strawberry Time;
Bottom Left: Quench; Bottom Center: Mischief Maker; Bottom Right: Nightflight
Four Quarter
Top Left: Fire It Up; Top Center: Wooing Warblers; Top Right: Legend Has It;
Bottom Left: Let Them Meow; Bottom Right: Sun and Shadow and the Light Between
Four Quarter
Top Left: Now That’s More Like It!; Top Right: Confetti Party;
Bottom Left: Trout Time; Bottom Right: The Purpling Tide
ASL (alpaca/ silk/ linen)
Top Left: Lichen Love; Top Center: Drop By Drop; Top Right: Stealth Lilac;
Bottom Left: Astrophysical; Bottom Center: Acid Test; Bottom Right: Ocean Time
ASL (alpaca/ silk/ linen)
Left: Clown Car; Right: Where Elvers Hide
merino fingering double (one long gradient, dyed over two 100g cakes)
Left Top-and-bottom: Sky Puddle; Center Top-and-bottom: Home Sweet Homeward; Right Top-and-bottom: Everything Worth While
merino fingering double (one long gradient, dyed over two 100g cakes):
Left Top-and-bottom: Taking a Wander; Center Top-and-bottom: Watching the Waves; Right Top-and-bottom: Along the Way
merino fingering double (one long gradient, dyed over two 100g cakes):
Left Top-and-bottom: Making a Choice; Right Top-and-bottom: A Bit of a Brainstorm
merino fingering double (one long gradient, dyed over two 100g cakes):
Left Top-and-bottom: Breaking Through; Right Top-and-bottom: The Best of Both
sock (matching 50g cakes, each wound in opposite directions to better show colors):
Left: Berry Toes; Center: Super Sonic; Right: Wet Feet Blues
BFL/ silk lace
Left: Firecracker; Right: Coming In and Out
BFL/ silk lace
Top: Whipped Up By the Wind; Bottom Left: Friends of Flowers; Bottom Right: Midnight Garden
camel/ silk lace
Top: Quite Enough; Bottom Left: Coppertone; Bottom Right: More Than Sufficient