New yarn, and news!

It’s been quite the year. I mean, that’s one of the biggest understatements I can imagine at this point, but I suspect that many of you understand the feeling. Between the pandemic, a series of health problems triggered by the Ravelry redesign, and an unexpectedly long stay in New Brunswick, I feel like I’ve been in suspended animation. A whole lot has happened– yet I’ve barely been outside my small town in more a year and a half.

This time-outside-of-time has given me the chance to make a lot of decisions about what I want to do in my life. The most exciting news for gobsmacked fans? I’m moving to Sackville, New Brunswick permanently, where I’ll be devoting considerably more of my time to gobsmacked. Over the next six months or so, I’ll be reintroducing monthly yarn updates, launching a new and improved email newsletter, and creating a new website. All of this means that there will be more yarn available than ever before, with a more typical online shopping experience and a more streamlined process for special requests.

It will take a while to roll out all of these changes– I have to deal with a lot of loose ends in Ontario first, including closing down that studio and bringing that equipment here to New Brunswick.

The plan is to have an update this coming week (Saturday, 17 July at 3pm EDT), then I’ll be away for the month of August to pack up and move. I’ll be back in September with regular monthly updates and a new system for my email list. The website will follow later in the year. I’ll keep you updated here and through my email list– do stay tuned!

Oh, and that new yarn? It’s pretty special!

Two cakes of gradient yarn, one blue to teal and the other murky green to acid yellow
Kerfluffle: 69% silk, 22% kid mohair, 9% nylon (349 m./ 382 yds. per 100g skein)

Introducing Kerfluffle, a super-soft, luxurious fingering-weight yarn made of silk, kid mohair, and nylon. It’s made with one thick strand plyed against a thin nearly invisible thread, a construction gives you the look of a singles yarn, with greater stability and less tangling mess. The combination of silk and this particular plying structure give it a beautiful, lustrous quality that lets the colors really glow. It’s a premium yarn– $55 Canadian for 100g– that’s worth every penny just to see it flow through your fingers and off your needles. I’ll have the first batch of Kerfluffle available in Saturday’s update. See you then!

Two white women sit on wooden steps. Elizabeth, a fat woman in a green dress, holds a green cake of yarn; Marit, with very short hair and a teal plaid shirt, holds a teal to blue cake of yarn.
Elizabeth (my wife) and me on our front porch in Sackville, admiring our test cakes of Kerfluffle. We’re pretty predictable in our color choices, eh?