Have you seen Flexture?  It’s a gorgeous new(ish) design by Kim McBrien Evans, from the book Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter.  The book is written by the unbeatable duo of Kate Atherley— the math nerd and technique maven– and Kim McBrien Evans, who loves to creatively break all the rules.  As with so many of Kim’s designs, Flexture is an unusual but very wearable shape that provides plenty of room to play with colour. 

A white woman with grey hair sits draped in Flexture, a shawl knit sideways in an orange-to-blue gobsmacked gradient, striped with angled and stair-stepped lines of dark blue, pale blue, yellow, and red in Murky Depths yarn.
Flexture shawl, by Kim McBrien Evans. Photo c. Abrams.

Flexture uses a gobsmacked merino/ silk DK double, which is a long gradient that plays out over two 100g cakes of yarn, plus Triton MCN DK from Murky Depths Dyeworks for the contrast colours. 

This weekend, I’ll have about a half dozen doubles of merino/ silk DK and Silky Yak DK in an online update. I’d love for you to find the perfect gobsmacked double for Flexture, and to pick out just the right colours from Murky Depths to go with it.  If that’s not in the cards, though, Kate and Kim also talk about why they chose gobsmacked and Murky Depths for this particular shawl, plus what to consider if you want to substitute a different yarn. In fact, this thoughtful discussion of yarn characteristics is part of all of the patterns in their book, making it possible to plan your own unique version of every shawl.

Two yarn cakes rest on the title page of the Flexture pattern, which includes pattern information on Yarn, Needles, Notions, Gauge, and Why This Yarn?
A Silky Yak DK double from gobsmacked would work beautifully for Flexture– and Kate and Kim’s detailed yarn discussion give you the information that you need to understand why. (More notes on yarn substitution are hiding in this picture under the yarn itself.)

When I daydream of colour combos, I think about the folds of the earth, the ribbons of water that braid their way to the sea, the strands of algae that float in the currents, the bands of clouds that spread across the sunrise sky…  Or, maybe you find beauty in the colours that spread across an oil slick, or the streaks from tail-lights that skitter across damp pavement at night.  Whatever your muse, I hope that you find inspiration and knitterly joy in Flexture!

Four cakes of yarn rest on the book Custom Shawls, open to a a page showing a model wearing Flexture.  The yarn is two gradients: teal to acid greens and slate grey to reddish tan.
Some colourful DK doubles, ready to spark inspiration for Flexture!

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The cover of the book Custom Shawls, by Kate Atherley and Kim McBrien Evans