November update

Thanks for a great update! I’ll start sending out invoices Saturday evening and will have packages out on Monday.

Welcome to the November update!  If you see some yarn you’d like to claim, email me at  An update can get pretty wild on my end, but I promise I’ll respond to your email to let you know if you got your choices.  I’ll send out PayPal invoices about an hour after the update starts, once things start to quiet down a bit; please note that invoices are due upon receipt (with a little leeway for different time zones and schedules).

Reminders: Colours vary from device to device; I always include a written description of how I see the colour, but please do ask if you’re uncertain about a particular cake or set.  Also note that package delivery is likely to be slow due to the pandemic. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee delivery times.

Four Quarter: Top: 935 Bulbs; Bottom left: Earthship; Bottom right: Bagtown
Four Quarter: Left: Sing It Out; Right: Friendly Buttons
Four Quarter: Top: Build It Up Better; Bottom left: Chaos Tidying; Bottom right: Underwater
Four Quarter: Left: Sempervivum; Right: Staycation
Four Quarter: Top: The Last Blush of Blueberry Bush; Bottom left: Citation Style; Bottom right: Which Pond?
Four Quarter: Top left: Sidewalk Solidarity; Top right: Nova’s Yard; Bottom left: Bridge to Nowhere; Bottom right: Parrot Party
Four Quarter: Top: Aliens in the Quarry; Bottom left: Seasonal Tarts; Bottom right: Two Cat Cuddle (cake has a 12″ long section of damaged ply that I consider a flaw; price $40)
Four Quarter: Top: Mount Chesterfield, Elevation 2m; Bottom left: Looping Around; Bottom right: Sunday Drive
Four Quarter: Top: Five Golden Doors; Bottom left: Impending Snugs; Bottom right: Ephemera
Gobsmidgeon (50g of Four Quarter, $22): The Big Idea
merino/ silk fingering: Been Waitin’
merino/ silk fingering double (one long gradient, dyed across two 100g cakes): Go Plant Your Flowers
merino/ silk fingering double (one long gradient, dyed across two 100g cakes): Opalescent
Cabra giant: Walk in Walker Woods
Cabra giant: Top: Sofa-Yarn Stash; Bottom left: Dog in Duvet; Bottom Right: Three Good Ideas
Snarkle (two matching 50g gradients of sparkle sock, wound in opposite directions to better show colours, $45): That Inner Voice