Pride in a pandemic

I’ve always been a rather quiet queer: an introvert, not big on crowds or parties or parades.  So for me, I guess Pride in a time of global pandemic is both unsettling (“It’s a global pandemic, people!”) and life as usual (“Maybe I should try to be a bit more visible?”).

One thing I can do is to celebrate Pride in a yarny way, with rainbows– in this case, rich and colourful mini skein sets, every one unique and beautiful in its own right, just like the folks who make up the queer community.  Each set is twelve 20g minis of Four Quarter (100% superwash merino), for a total of 240g.  They’re $108 Canadian for 960m (1045 yd) of awesome.  (Edited 25 June to correct yardage.)


A stack of rainbow minis, waiting to be labelled for the June 15th update.

These will be available, along with regular gobsmackers, in tomorrow’s update, Monday 15 June at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time (Toronto/ New York).

Whether you’re queer or an ally, if you’re looking for something fun to do for Pride this year, why not use your favourite rainbow, from gobsmacked or from stash or from your favourite LYS, to knit some love in shawl form?  Here are a few of my current favourites:

Play it by Queer, by Shanel Wu

Bright Side, by Amy van de Laar

Rainbow Relay, by Jane Murison

All Together or First, Love, by Nim Teasdale

Fibonacci, Mark Two, by Ampersand Designs


PS: One thing that is quite a bit different in pandemic times is shipping.  I always get everyone’s yarn in the mail as quickly as possible after an update, but please be aware that the pandemic is affecting shipping times worldwide.  Mail between Canada and the US seems particularly slow, with packages that normally arrive in 5-7 days taking two or even three times as long.  Mail is getting through; I haven’t seen any problems with lost packages.  But the current mail situation is definitely going to require some patience on everyone’s part.  If you’d like to have tracking for your package, just let me know and I’ll get you a quote for the extra cost.