Strange times

This weekend would have been Knit City Montreal.  Instead of setting up in the marketplace and hoping to pick up some bagels for later, I’m working out of my New Brunswick studio, watching it snow as I cake and photograph new gobsmackers for tomorrow’s update.  The speed with which things are changing is all a bit disorienting, but I feel very fortunate to be safe at home with a decent internet connection and a dog who needs regular escapes to wide-open spaces.


Fennel the dog, checking out the smells as we keep our distance from others.

Tomorrow’s update (28 March) will be posted here on the front page of my site, as usual, going live at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time.  I know that the internet has been a bit slow in some locations, due to unprecedented demands for service.  While I hope that the update will run smoothly, I ask for your patience if you do run into trouble.  Remember, special requests are a possibility if you find that updates are moving too quickly or if you have something particular in mind.

Please recognise that delivery times for yarn may be a bit longer than usual.  At present, Canada Post is running well, though they’re warning that deliveries may be slightly delayed; your postal service may have similar delays.

I hope that you’re finding some respite from the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic in your knitting, your crochet, your weaving, and all of your other creative endeavours.  If you (like me) are experiencing a strong desire to cast on ALL the THINGS, may I suggest that you look into the Knit City Montreal ensemble MAL (Make-a-Long)?  It’s an event, hosted on Ravelry and other online platforms, to encourage folks to work on projects using yarn, supplies, or patterns from a vendor or designer or teacher who was planning to be at Knit City Montreal.  You can find the full list of vendors here and instructors here.  (Note that I’m not an official vendor, as I was to be a guest in indigodragonfly‘s booth.  For this MAL, please support individuals and businesses who are official participants.)