Update details

The final update of 2019 includes:

  • Silky Yak DK in the perfect yardage for Nim Teasdale’s Leafwood (a 200g gradient, across two cakes, plus a 100g Straight)
  • Silky Yak DK hat sets in 33g gradients plus a 50g Straight for the contrast colour.  That’s 70m/ 76 yd; if you have plans for a hat, please check your pattern’s requirements to see if that would be enough yardage for you.
  • a BFL DK hat set (50g gradient plus 50g Straight)
  • a single cake of Silky Yak DK (100g gradient)
  • merino fingering doubles (a 200g gradient, across two cakes)
  • Four Quarter (100g cakes of merino fingering)

When the update begins, please email me directly with your request (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com).

If you are ordering for a holiday gift, note that Monday is the last day that Canada Post recommends for shipping to the US for receipt by the holidays– this is a recommendation, not a guarantee that your yarn will arrive on time!  If you’re concerned about delivery dates, please let me know in your email and I can quote some other (expensive but fast) options for you.

After this update, I’ll be finishing a few special requests and then packing up for a temporary move to the East Coast while I’m on sabbatical from my day job.  I’ll wait to schedule the January update until I get set up in my new digs.  The annual gobSMACKdown— the gobsmacked knit-along– will begin as usual on January 1st.