Friday’s update will feature small but mighty gobsmidgeons (aka gobbets)!  These are mini cake-dyed gradients, like a regular gobsmacker but smaller– usually 33g or 50g.  They’re great for accents in a shawl or sweater, or as smaller projects.  Here, for example, is my Loop:


Loop, by Casapinka; knit in a Four Quarter gobsmidgeon (33g) and a Straight (100g skein, though I didn’t use all of the yarn).;

This was an entertaining, easy knit; those loop rows are fun and addictive; the colour change makes for a lot of more-loops-please knitting!

At least two knitters have used their little gobsmackers as the glorious sunset sky in the colourwork Alaska hat.  If you’re not feeling like colourwork, 50g gobsmidgeons would also be great with the textured design of Amy Van de Laar’s Ascent or Louise Zass-Bangham’s Slipstream.  Friday’s update will also include some great hat options in DK weight: full-size (100g), gobsmidgeons, and a few hat sets (50g gradient + 40-50g Straight); they’d work really well for many of Wooly Wormhead‘s patterns.

And if you’re luck enough to be outside the polar vortex (what happened, November?) and aren’t feeling like hat knitting, there will be plenty of Four Quarter, some mini skein gradient sets, rainbow sets, and some merino fingering doubles for good measure.  See you here on Friday at 3pm!  (Remember, our clocks have shifted; we’re now on Eastern Standard Time.)