October update

Thanks, all!  Everything is sold, with the exception of a few rainbow sets.  The next update will be Friday, 15 Nov. at 3pm Eastern time.  (Note that we will be on Standard time then, not Daylight Saving time– that’s one hour different).

Fall is well under way in Canada, the days are getting shorter, and tomorrow is that festival of all things spooky– Halloween!  So I figured I’d do (mostly) deep dark gobsmackers, named after the entertainingly gruesome Gashleycrumb Tinies, by that master of gothic oddities, Edward Gorey.  So brace yourself for an alphabet of death and check out the yarn!

Gashlycrumb Tinies.jpg

Remember that colours vary from device to device; please ask if you’re uncertain about a particular cake or skein.  To claim some yarn, email me at gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com.  An update can get pretty bonkers, but I promise I’ll respond to your email to let you know if you got your choices.  I’ll send out PayPal invoices about an hour after the update starts, once things start to quiet down a bit; please note that invoices are due upon receipt (with a little leeway for different time zones and schedules).

4Q Oct_1

Four Quarter: Top left: G is For George, Smothered Under a Rug; Top centre: D is For Desmond, Thrown Out of a Sleigh; Top right: E is For Ernest, Who Choked on a Peach; Middle row left: W is For Winnie, Embedded in Ice; Middle row centre: R is For Rhoda, Consumed By a Fire; Middle row right: M is For Maud, Who Was Swept Out to Sea; Bottom left: B is For Basil, Assaulted By Bears; Bottom centre: I is for Ida, Who Drowned in a Lake; Bottom right: S is For Susan, Who Perished of Fits


4Q Oct_2

Four Quarter: Top left: A is For Amy, Who Fell Down the Stairs; Top centre: J is For James, Who Took Lye By Mistake (muted blue-green to soft yellow-green to pale sage); Top right: Z is For Zillah, Who Drank Too Much Gin; Bottom left: Nightshade; Bottom centre: T is For Titus, Who Flew Into Bits; Bottom right: F is For Fanny, Sucked Dry by a Leech

4Q Oct_3

Four Quarter: Top: Deep & Dearly; Bottom left: N is For Neville, Who Died of Ennui; Bottom right: Fly Forward


Four Quarter mini-skein gradients (5 x 20g minis): Left: A Problem With Peaches; Right: I Think Your Zombie’s Getting Moldy

Rainbow- you be you

Rainbow mini skeins (Four Quarter, 2 x 60g): You Be You edition (four sets available)

MS doubles

merino/ silk fingering doubles (one long gradient over two 100g cakes): Left column: By the Pricking of My Thumbs; Centre column: Stratosphere; Right column: In the Darkling Dusk


Camel/ silk lace (left): A Kinder Place; BFL/ silk lace: Swim Along Home