September update!

Thanks, all!  I’ve sent most of the invoices and will begin working on shipping later tonight.  Most packages will go in the mail on  Tuesday 24 Sept.  Please swing by for the next online update on Wednesday 30 October!

My summer away not only meant work on the house, but also time for some new dyeing experiments!  This update is entirely new techniques or unusual formats, sold in sets.  The main details are in the previous post; in the captions for this update, I’ll make sure that you have the essentials to help you understand what’s what.  Please note that shipping will happen on Tuesday 24 Sept.

As always, please email to claim the yarn that you’d like.  Things usually get pretty fast, but I promise I will reply to your email to let you know if you got the yarn that you wanted.  Remember that everything is one of a kind and cannot be repeated.  (Rainbow mini sets come in editions of multiple sets.)  If you’d like clarification of colours or have other questions, please ask!


mini-skein gradient set ($45): The Murky Corner of the Garden


mini-skein gradient set ($45): And the Results Are Sweet


mini-skein gradient set ($45): Expanded to Elevation


mini-skein gradient set ($45): Waterdown

Mosquitos 8pm

mini-skein gradient set ($45): Mosquitos, 8pm

Darker Deal

mini-skein gradient set ($45): A Darker Deal

Delphinium Deal

mini-skein gradient set ($45): A Delphinium Deal


mini-skein gradient set ($45): Out on the Farm

Ketchup Chips

mini-skein gradient set ($45): Ketchup Chips

Buying the Barn

mini-skein gradient set ($45): Buying the Barn

Rainbow- wallydrag2

Rainbow minis (six 20g minis of Four Quarter, $54): Wallydrag edition

Rainbow- experimental

rainbow minis ($54): Experimental Edition

Rust & Ruin - Live & Learn

merino DK ($45): left: Rust & Ruin (50g gradient + 50g Straight); right: Live & Learn (50g gradient + 50g Straight)

Flower & Field - Flag & Flight

merino DK ($45): left: Flower & Field (50g gradient + 50g Straight); right: Flag & Flight (50g gradient + 50g Straight)

Board & Batten

BFL DK ($45): Board & Batten (50g gradient in medium blue to dark sky blue to green, with dapples of lighter blues + 50g Straight of rich rust brown)

Lavender & Lace - Growth & Decay - Above & Below

silky yak DK ($50): left: Lavender & Lace (33g gradient from blue-purple to green + 50g Straight in pale lavender grey); centre: Growth & Decay (33g gradient + 50g Straight); right: Above & Below (33g gradient + 50g Straight)

Warm & Cozy - Wish & Wonder - Swamp & Circumstance

silky yak DK ($50): left: Warm & Cozy (50g gradient + 50g Straight); centre: Wish & Wonder (50g gradient + 50g Straight); right: Swamp & Circumstance (50g gradient + 50g Straight)

Salt & Sea

silky yak DK ($50): Sea & Salt (50g gradient + 50g Straight)