Friends, a bit of fibre alchemy has happened once again: I sent some gobsmacked cakes off to the fabulous Australian designer Nim Teasdale and she made magic happen.

This is Earthstar:

Earthstar, by Nim Teasdale, knit in two cakes of Four Quarter (100% merino, fingering weight).  Photo courtesy Nim Teasdale.

Isn’t it glorious?  Earthstar combines cables that form a satisfying star shape, outlined with mosaic knitting and finished with striped lace.  I’m blown away by what Nim has done with my yarn; honestly, I keep coming back just to gaze at her pictures.  Look at the stitch definition that the Four Quarter gives to those cables!

Detail view of the cables at the top of Earthstar; the rounded 4-ply construction of Four Quarter provides great stitch definition.  Photo courtesy of Nim Teasdale.

Part of what makes Nim’s shawl so successful is the colour combo, with that beautiful orange-on-blue contrast at the beginning transitioning to a darker, quieter blue-and-brown at the lace edge.

Detail of Earthstar, with the quieter colour combo in the striped lace edging.  Photo courtesy of Nim Teasdale.

I’ve been thinking a lot about colour combos that would work similarly well for this shawl– something with a strong contrast in hue for the cables up top, with darker or more muted contrast at the finished edge. Green and purple, gold and blue, red and turquoise, blue and brown…?

With Nim’s shawl in mind, I put the new gobsmackers out on my work bench yesterday and started playing match-maker.  What fun!  When the update appears later today (at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time), I’ll present the Four Quarter in pairings that I think would work well for Earthstar.  (Of course, you’re welcome to buy cakes individually as well, if you have other plans in mind.)  See you soon!

The pattern for Earthstar is available for purchase on Ravelry (no account required).