August update

That was fast!  All invoices are out; paid orders will go in the mail tomorrow (Saturday).  Please note that Monday is a holiday in Canada, so shipping may be slightly slower than usual.

The end of my summer was marked by a magical week up in the Haliburton Highlands.  My partner, Elizabeth, was taking indigodragonfly‘s amazing Dye Camp (where I learned to dye many years ago) and I had a quiet week reading, rug hooking, knitting, and swimming in the lake.  This update’s colournames are based (more or less) on Random Things We Saw at the Cottage.

Note that many of the gobsmackers are paired together; these are suggested pairings that would work well for Nim Teasdale’s Earthstar (or other two-colour shawls suited to gradients).  If a single cake better suits your plans, it’s fine to just request one part of a pairing.

As always, please email to claim the cake(s) that you’d like.  Things usually get pretty fast, but I promise I will reply to your email to let you know if you got the yarn that you wanted.  Remember that everything is one of a kind and cannot be repeated.  If you’d like clarification of colours or have other questions, please ask!

Sinking & Floating - Agatha & Gertrude

Four Quarter Pairings: Top: Sinking in Seas (top left) & Floating at Dawn (top right); Bottom: Agatha’s Agate (bottom left) & Gertrude’s Stein (bottom right)

Water & Stoking - Coals & Moon

Four Quarter Pairings: Top: Water At the Ready (top left) & Stoking the Fire Pit (top right); Bottom: Letting the Coals Die Down (bottom left) & Seeking the Moon Through the Trees (bottom right)

Eggbeater & Fern - Corn Roast & Diving Woman

Four Quarter Pairings: Top: A Bit of an Eggbeater, Really… (top left) & And a Fern For Good Measure (top right); Bottom: Second Annual Corn Roast and Regatta (bottom left) & The Diving Woman (bottom right)

Scissors & Rust - Woodshed & Washboard

Four Quarter Pairings: Top: String Up the Scissors (top left) & Rattling the Rust (top right); Bottom: Woodshed Revival (bottom left) & Washboard Reverie (bottom right)

Bathing Beauty & WaterWeeds

Four Quarter Pairing: Bathing Beauty (left) & Water Weeds (right)

Wind a Wind Chime & Weed by Another Name

Four Quarter: Can You Wind a Wind Chime? (left); A Weed By Any Other Name: Flowers (right)

Exposed Wiring

Four Quarter: Caution, Exposed Wiring


Four Quarter: Impeccable

Twilight Blossoms & Refreshed

merino/ silk fingering (note that these cakes look lovely together, but that merino/ silk will have less stitch definition that typically wanted for cables): Left: Twilight Blossoms; Right: Refreshed