gobsmacked is back!

It’s true– I’m back from my summer break, refreshed in mind and spirit (if somewhat tired in body) after a summer of travel and home renovations.  The house is shaping up nicely and is habitable, which frees me up to return to the dye pots!  I have lots of creative ideas bubbling, so expect to see some interesting new gradients in the days to come.

Updates for the next several months are as follows:

Friday, 30 August
Sunday, 22 September
Sunday, 27 October
Friday, 15 November
Sunday, 8 December
All updates are at 3pm Eastern (Toronto/ NY time).
If you’re new to the ordering process (or just want a reminder of how it works), check out this page.  And if you want some inspiring eye candy, take a look at the projects in the Work of Art make-along in the Gorgeous Gradients group on Ravelry– there’s some truly stunning work going on there, in my gradients and others’.