On break

Gobsmacked is on break until mid-August.

I have a lot on my plate this summer, what with work travel and personal travel and a whole ton of work on a charming old house that my partner and I are buying.  So, I’m putting gobsmacked on hold for the summer.  I will be on Ravelry a bit, so do feel free to keep posting WIPs and FOs and requests for pattern suggestions.  I won’t be monitoring emails or selling any yarn, though; if you have special requests or questions, I’ll be back in time for the Highlands Fibre Fling at the indigodragonfly studio (near Haliburton, Ontario) on Saturday 17 August.

So toss your stash, find some of those classic gobsmackers that’ve been hiding away, and cast on something fun!  I’ll see you in August!