April update

Welcome, and good luck!  This update is small-ish, as it’s mostly yarn remaining from Saturday’s Knitters’ Frolic in Toronto.  Never fear, though– there are some really fun colours left for those of you who weren’t able to make it to the big show!

To claim a gobsmacker, send me an email (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) letting me know the name of the cake and the base.  The first person to claim a cake gets it.  Things can be pretty fast and furious at the beginning, but I promise I’ll email you back to let you know whether you got what you wanted.  Once the dust starts to settle a little, I’ll follow up with a PayPal invoice; if you haven’t ordered from me before, please include your mailing address (and phone number, if outside Canada).

Note that orders paid by about 9 am Tuesday morning (Eastern time) will ship on Tuesday; any orders that are still outstanding will ship in mid-May.

Leaping Leapfrogs et al

Four Quarter: Top left: Leaping Leapfrogs!; Top right: Flyaway; Bottom left: Not-so-quiet Coral; Bottom right: Anxious Arugula

Of Good Cheer & Rarified

Four Quarter: Left: Of Good Cheer; Right: Rarified

Sensitive & Coming Up Coral

Four Quarter: Left: Sensitive; Right: Coming Up Coral

A Vespa For a Violet

Four Quarter: A Vespa For a Violet

The Shrimp All Nibble At Their Knees et al

ASL (alpaca/ silk/ linen): Top: The Shrimp All Nibble At Their Knees; Bottom left: Spinning & Ginning; Bottom right: All the Worms Come Up to Breathe

The Bottomless One & A Bit Red In the Face

BFL-DK demis (150g of DK, joined with a single knot, dyed in one long gradient, $60 per 150g): Left: The Bottomless One; Right: A Bit Red in the Face (true scarlet red to dappled reds, mahogany, and charcoal to dappled lavender and cadet blue)

Sargasso Spring

Merino DK: Sargasso Spring (teal and turquoise dapples to turquoise with aqua dapples to acid green/ yellow)

Time To Tend the Iris

Silky Yak DK: Time to Tend the Iris

The Eternal Blue

BFL/ silk lace: The Eternal Blue