A Leafwood update

Thanks, all!  Everything has now been sold.  I’ve sent out most of the invoices and will be shipping tomorrow morning (Monday).  If you missed out on this round, remember that I’ll be posting another update on a day (to be announced!) shortly after the Toronto Knitters’ Frolic (which takes place on Saturday, 27 April).

This update was designed with a particular purpose: to showcase thoughtfully paired sets of gobsmacked gradients and tonal Straights that would work beautifully for Nim Teasdale’s soon-to-be-released shawl design, Leafwood.  These special gradients and coordinating skeins are sold only as sets; please don’t ask for me to break them up or swap out colours.  Of course, you’re welcome to use them for any pattern that you like, whether that be Leafwood or Gallivanter or Mechanical Mermaid or something else entirely!

To claim a gobsmacker, send me an email (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) letting me know the name of the cake and the base.  The first person to claim a set gets it.  Things can be pretty fast and furious at the beginning, but I promise I’ll email you back to let you know whether you got what you wanted.  Once the dust starts to settle a little, I’ll follow up with a PayPal invoice; if you haven’t ordered from me before, please include your mailing address (and phone number, if outside Canada).

Please remember that colours may vary across different devices; if you have any questions or would like additional description of colours, just ask.

Tranquil & Quiet.jpg

Four Quarter ($70): Tranquil & Quiet

Tried & Tulip

Four Quarter ($70): Tried & Tulip

Spring & Sprung

Four Quarter ($70): Spring & Sprung

Tree & Bark

Four Quarter ($70): Tree & Bark

Deep & Lucid.jpg

Four Quarter ($70): Deep & Lucid

Alert & Watchful

Four Quarter ($70): Alert & Watchful

A Gift & a Grapefruit

Four Quarter ($70): A Gift & a Grapefruit

Fire & Water2

Silky Yak DK (double + Straight, $132): Fire & Water

Sky & Mist.jpg

Silky Yak DK (double + Straight, $132): Sky & Mist