The sweet spot

It’s no secret that designer Nim Teasdale’s shawl patterns hit my knitting sweet spot.  Stripes, a little bit of lace, lots of opportunity for colour play, and simple but very, very clever construction?  Yes, please!

Check out what she’s done with Verdigreen, in a Silky Yak DK double:

Verdigreen shawl, designed and knit by Nim Teasdale, in two Silky Yak DK gobsmackers. Photo copyright Nim Teasdale.

Or what about my favourite shawl of all time, Around the Bend?

Around the Bend, designed by Nim Teasdale & knit by Marit Munson using two Four Quarter gobsmackers.

There are so many great gobsmacked versions of Around the Bend (see them here) that I may have accidentally declared that several Around the Bends are my second-favourite-ever.  (Mine being the solid first place!)

Lots of Nim’s designs work well for gobsmackers, so I always pay attention to any new designs she has coming along.  Well, let me tell you– she recently finished a new shawl that had everyone in my Ravelry group practically foaming at the mouth in excitement.  It combines a DK double (a two-skein gobsmacked gradient) with a semi-solid as the contrast colour, all worked in stripes with a touch of leafy lace at the end.  The pattern, called Leafwood, is currently being tested and should be released shortly.  I won’t post pictures here, as it’s not officially done yet, but if you’d like to see Nim’s lovely version, check out her project on Ravelry.

If, like me, you’re smitten with Leafwood, then keep a close eye out for Sunday’s update!  I’ve dyed this one specifically for Nim’s new design, with kits available in Silky Yak DK (a double + a coordinating Straight) and in Four Quarter (a fingering weight gobsmacked gradient + a coordinating Straight).  See you Sunday!