February update

Please note: I have been unable to process shipping labels through PayPal and Canada Post; they are investigating the problem, but in the meantime I have shipped everything directly through the post office on Monday.  Shipping notification won’t show in PayPal, but this will not affect shipping time for your package.

I recently read a thoughtful essay in the New York Times about the quiet subversiveness of 1970s children’s picture books.  I remember all of those books fondly, and loved having a chance to revisit them as an adult.  In their honour, today’s colournames are drawn from the books Frog and Toad Together and Owl At Home, by Arnold Lobel– and especially the charming pathos of the story “Tear-Water Tea,” about Owl thinking of sad things in order to collect his tears to fill a kettle for tea.  It’s delightfully melancholy and funny at the same time.  I highly recommend it!

To claim a gobsmacker, send me an email (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) letting me know the name of the cake and the base.  The first person to claim a cake gets it.  Things can be pretty fast and furious at the beginning, but I promise I’ll email you back to let you know whether you got what you wanted.  Once the dust starts to settle a little, I’ll follow up with a PayPal invoice; if you haven’t ordered from me before, please include your mailing address (and phone number, if outside Canada).

Please remember that colours may vary across different devices; if you have any questions or would like a verbal description of colours, just ask.

Tear-Water Tea

Four Quarter: Tear-Water Tea

Such a Classic Squirrel &c.jpg

Four Quarter: Top left: “We Are Not Afraid!” They Yelled; Top Centre: “I Will Read the Seeds a Story”; Top right: “Come Back, Frog! I Will Be Lonely”; Bottom left: Such a Classic Squirrel; Bottom centre: Spoons That Have Fallen Behind the Stove and Are Never Seen Again; Bottom right: Trolltunga, Norway

Let The Rain Fall On Them &c

Four Quarter: Top left: Let the Rain Fall on Them; Top right: “You Were Right, Frog; It Is Very Hard Work”; Bottom centre: Kanji, India

Grow Seeds Grow &c

Four Quarter: Top left: “Grow, Seeds, Grow!” Toad Shouted; Top right: What a Fine Garden You Have, Frog!; Bottom centre: Clocks That Have Stopped With No One Near To Wind Them

How Pleasant & I Wonder If We Are Brave

Four Quarter: Left: How Pleasant To Be Sitting By the Fire; Right: “I Wonder If We Are Brave?”

Watermelon Left on the Picnic Table for Ants

Four Quarter: Watermelon Left On the Picnic Table For Ants (bright pine green to pale green to scarlet red; much dappling throughout)


Merino fingering pair (two matching 40g cakes, perfect for fingerless mitts; $38): Winter Ran Around the Room

silky yak Feb

Silky Yak DK: Top left: Let the Sun Shine On ThemTop Centre: Owl Finished His Supper; Top right: Toad Will Now Dance and He Will Be Wonderful; Bottom left: “Of Course It’s Me!”; Bottom right: Hey, Birds, Here Are Cookies!

Of Course Its Me

Silky Yak DK double (one long gradient over two 100g cakes): “What Is Willpower?” Asked Toad