January update

Thanks for another great update!  I’ve sent out invoices and have all paid packages ready to go in the mail Monday morning.  Anything paid after that will go out on Tuesday afternoon.  In the meantime, do scroll down to see what’s still available.

Welcome to 2019 and, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, to winter!  I hope you’re keeping your needles and hooks busy making lots of beautiful, practical things to help keep yourself or your loved ones warm and toasty.  (If you’re in the southern hemisphere, thanks for your patience; we in the north seem to like the pseudo-bragging-rights that come with surviving harsh winter weather.)  Today’s colournames are mostly of interesting or unusual places around the world; check some of them out, if you have time!

To claim a gobsmacker, send me an email (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) letting me know the name of the cake and the base.  The first person to claim a cake gets it.  Things can be pretty fast and furious at the beginning, but I promise I’ll email you back to let you know whether you got what you wanted.  Once the dust starts to settle a little, I’ll follow up with a PayPal invoice; if you haven’t ordered from me before, please include your mailing address (and phone number, if outside Canada).

Please remember that colours may vary across different devices; if you have any questions or would like a verbal description of colours, just ask.

blues 4Q.jpg

Four Quarter: Top left: The Fruit Hotel; Top centre: 100 Brooding Octopuses; Top right: Halo-halo; Bottom left: A Dancing Curtain of Light; Bottom centre: Kjeragbolten; Bottom right: Antarctic Exploration Museum and Post Office

greens 4q

Four Quarter: Top left: Forest of the Future Library; Top centre: Yeak Laom; Top right: The Tortoises of Aldabra Atoll; Bottom left: Antarctic Sculpture Garden; Bottom centre: Oklo Reactor; Bottom right: Aviator’s Arrow

reds 4q

Four Quarter: Left: Ampel-Parchen; Centre: Chaukhandi Tombs; Right: Chicha morada

kane kwei

Four Quarter: Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

stealth raspberry

Alpaca/ silk/ linen: Stealth Raspberry

electric fruit

Cabra giant: Electric Fruit

enouement and scarper off & scoff

Cabra giants: Left: Enouement; Right: Scarper Off and Scoff



chillier than thou

DK double (one long gradient, dyed over two 100g cakes): Chillier Than Thou

mcs heavy

Merino/ cashmere/ silk heavy lace: Left: Gone On Along; Centre: All the Way Through; Right: Deep Blue

swanning around on miami vice- sc lace

silky cashmere lace: Swanning Around on Miami Vice