Looking for a little camaraderie, plus a good excuse to dust off your needles and hooks and pull out your favourite gobsmacker?  Come join the gobSMACKdown!

What’s a gobSMACKdown?
That’s what happens when you cross gobsmackers with a KAL! It’s a friendly event, though, without any actual smack talk or posturing. A long-time knitting friend came up with the phrase and I was tickled by it.  The whole idea of the gobSMACKdown is to have some fun (and possibly do some selfish knitting, if you’ve been spending a lot of time on holiday knits) and to enjoy working with your fresh new gobsmackers, or vintage gobstoppers from your stash, or long-standing in-progress projects.

Any gobsmacked yarn counts for the gobSMACKdown, whether gobsmacker, Straight, or made during dye class.  And any relevant fibre art is also welcome; we have some amazing lace knitters, some folks who are sticking with soothing garter stitch shawls, and a talented Tunisian crocheter who seems to be converting others to her stitching of choice.

There are prizes, of course, and there’s the fun of watching everyone’s projects develop.  So far, we have several elegant Swans, a very noisy dragon, some seaweedy socks, a friendly argument about whose Around the Bend is best, and the results of a very experimental dye class gobsmacker.  What’s not to love?  You can check out photos of all of the gobSMACKdown projects here. (Warning: Wild Swan MKAL spoilers!)

When is this?

The fun started on 1 January, but there’s still plenty of time to participate!  The prize draws happen at the official end of the event, on the Ides of March (15 March at midnight EST).