Wild Swan

The December update (Sat. 8 Dec. at 3pm Eastern time) is a special one this year, because I’ve been dyeing up a storm for the Wild Swan MKAL.  That’s a Mystery Knit-A-Long, courtesy of amazing designers Anne-Lise Maigaard and Nim Teasdale.  They’ve worked together to design a new crescent-shaped lace shawl, which they’re graciously making available as a free pattern, with the first clue released on 1 January 2019.  These two are accomplished designers with incredible patterns to their credit, so you know that their new shawl is certain to be interesting, beautiful, and fun to knit!

There’s been loads of interest in this MKAL in the Gorgeous Gradients group over on Ravelry (do go check it out!), so I knew that I wanted to dye up something special for Wild Swan.  The pattern calls for 600-700 m of fingering or heavy lace weight, preferably in a gradient.  Now, that yardage is a little awkward for my regular bases, which tend to be around 800 m (lace) or 400m (fingering).  So, I figured I’d bring in something new!

Introducing silky linen heavy lace:


New silky linen heavylace.  It’s so new that I haven’t even caked up this test skein yet– but I have knit with it, and trust me when I say that it knits up to a beautiful light fabric.

This is a delightful two-ply heavy lace weight, with 655 m/ 715 yds per 115g skein ($52 Cdn).  It’s 65% silk and 35% linen, which means that it is wool-free (a bonus for those who can’t tolerate wool) and that it takes the dye in really interesting ways.  That’s because the silk soaks up the acid dyes that I use, but the linen, as a cellulose (plant-based) fibre, does not.  The result is soft, muted colours, ranging from saturated pastels (yes, I’m sure there’s such a thing) to pale washes.  Along with the stunning drape and light, dry hand, I think that makes this yarn perfect for Wild Swan!

I’ll also offer two other options that would work well for the MKAL:

silk/ cashmere lace: a kitten-soft, luxurious blend of 70% silk and 30% cashmere.  700m/ 766 yds per 100g skein, $54 Cdn.

merino fingering doubles: two 100g skeins of fingering weight merino, joined with a single knot and dyed as one long continuous gradient.  722m/ 790 yds per 200g, $84 Cdn.

The gobSMACKdown (the annual gobsmacked knit-along) also starts on 1 January, so why not double dip and do that and Wild Swan at the same time?  Or, if you have a WIP on the needles or other plans for your gobsmackers, just come join the gobSMACKdown in my Ravelry group.  I’d love to see you there!

PS: One quick shipping note: Canada Post recently returned to full operations following strike actions; they seem to be taking care of the backlog of mail quickly, but it is possible that it may take longer than usual for packages from this update to get to you.  If that is a concern for you, I can get you a quote for an alternative carrier if you let me know when you order.  Just so that you’re aware, though, other carriers are quite expensive (and, if my recent UPS experience is anything to go by, not necessarily a big improvement).