minis & Straights

Two new formats of Four Quarter are debuting on-line today: minis and Straights.


Minis (aka gobsmidgeons) ($15) are cute little 33g cakes of Four Quarter that give you about 133 m (144 yd) of gradient to play with. That’s just enough to use as contrast colour in a striped shawl or cowl, or an edging for a shawl.  How about using it as the border stripes for Nim Teasdale’s First, Love?  Or the stripes of Martina Behm’s Endless Rainbow?  Minis would also be an amazing choice for a colourwork hat or sweater yoke.

The Straights ($30) are semi-solid skeins with lively colours that will pair well with your favourite gobsmackers. They are completely one-of-a-kind; I dye them by chucking a skein or two into a dye pot to use up any colour that’s left over in the pots when I’m dyeing gobsmackers, then use them as base colour for gradients later. But some of them are so pretty that I hate to mess with them, so… they’re available for you!  You could use Straights on their own, as a main colour with a mini as a border, or– my favourite so far– paired with a favourite gobsmacker to create stripes that mingle and mix.

For today’s update, I’ve paired Straights and gobsmackers together, as suggestions of fun colour combos.  Those are just ideas– feel free to mix and match and make them your own!