Open house!

When I started dyeing, I worked out of my kitchen.  That was fine for a while, until my dye business grew and took over most of the first floor of my house.  It’s hard to cook when the stove’s covered in simmering dyepots, and even harder to have anyone over for dinner when the entire dining room is occupied by swifts and ballwinders and packing supplies and undyed yarn and…  Let’s just say there was a LOT of stuff crammed in there.


Dining room chaos, pre-studio days.

Late last summer, I started eyeing a spare bedroom as a possible dye studio.  I spent a lot of time moving around full-sized cardboard templates of all of the bits and pieces needed for a fully functioning dye studio (stove, dye counter, shipping counter, storage shelves, drying rack, etc.), trying to make sure that everything would fit and be functional.  The space seemed tight but doable, so I took the plunge and, with lots of help from my dad, totally transformed the space.

It’s such a delight to have dedicated space to work in!  I’ve been in the studio for about nine months now, and can report that it is the perfect size (small but mighty!) and the layout is working beautifully.


A brand spankin’ new studio!

It’s high time that I showed it off, don’t you think?

On Saturday, 14 July, I’m hosting the first-ever gobsmacked Open House, 2-5pm at 616 Walkerfield Ave. in Peterborough, Ontario.  Pop in for a quick gander and to snap up a few gobsmackers, or bring your knitting/ crochet and settle in for a chat, a cup of tea, and some sweet snacks.  I’ll have door prizes and loads of yarn available, including some bases that are new and/or not in my regular line-up.  Hope to see you there!

Open Studio flyer_ltr

For more information, please check my Ravelry group.