Light as a cloud

ASL is one of my favourite bases for a spring/ summer shawl.  It’s a combo of 50% alpaca, 25% silk, and 25% linen.  Now, I’ll be honest and say that ASL does not seem all that promising in the cake; it looks a bit hairy and doesn’t feel particularly soft.  In fact, when I first ordered this base, I wondered if I’d made a big mistake.


The yarn looks a bit hairy in the cake, but that disappears with blocking. 

I really shouldn’t have been concerned– this is one of those yarns, like all yarn that contains linen, that really comes to life once it’s blocked.  The hairiness disappears, the crunchy linen relaxes, and the silk comes into its own.  The result is a feather-light shawl with a light halo and incredible drape.


Lida shawl, by Bristol Ivy, knit in a single cake of gobsmacked ASL.

This is my favourite piece for spring and summer wear; the combo of alpaca, linen, and silk means that it’s surprisingly warm, yet somehow never too hot.  And so soft!


The ASL in my Lida has taken years of constant wear and is still going strong!

Why not give it a try?

Project details: Lida Shawl, by Bristol Ivy.  My version can be found here, on Ravelry.