June update

Thanks for a great update, everyone!  All of the gobsmackers are sold.  Invoices are all out, and packages will go in the mail Tuesday.  Please keep an eye on this space for details about my first-ever Open Studio event on 14 July, right here in Peterborough, Ontario.

It’s June, it’s just a couple of days after the solstice, and, O, is the light ever here!  I love these long light evenings, when I can sit on the porch and knit into the long twilight with the scent of flowers drifting through the air.  (Of course, there are mosquitos, but nothing in life is perfect, right?)  My current project is garter stitch stripes that mix and mingle at the top of the shawl– and then, when I get to the end, the stripes are going to really pop!  It’s been so fun watching the stripes play out that I’ve once again played match-maker for this update, lining up pairs of Four Quarter that would be great fun to use together for stripes.  Of course, you’re welcome to use any of the cakes in any way that you find appealing.  Have at ’em!

To claim a gobsmacker, send me an email (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) letting me know the name of the cake and the base.  The first person to claim a cake gets it.  Things can be pretty fast and furious at the beginning, but I promise I’ll email you back to let you know whether you got what you wanted.  Once the dust starts to settle a little, I’ll follow up with a PayPal invoice; if you haven’t ordered from me before, please include your mailing address (and phone number, if outside Canada).

Please remember that colours may vary across different devices; if you have any questions or would like a verbal description of colours, just ask.


Four Quarter: Top left: The Sun Has Come; Top right: When a Party Cake Went Wild; Bottom left: A Sherbet Sunset; Bottom right: A Bit of a Subtle Fruit


Four Quarter: Top left: Gillyweed; Top right: Mango Mash; Bottom left: Middling Marcher; Bottom right: Cyan Sensation



Four Quarter: Top left: Spring Folly; Top right: Walking Up Eel Creek; Bottom left: Blue-footed Booby; Bottom right: Sea and Sun Do Come


Four Quarter: Top left: When Peonies Prosper; Top right: Deep End; Bottom left: Eyeing the Waves; Bottom right: More or Less on Fire


merino fingering: There and Back Again


ASL fingering:
Top left:
A Flustered Fig; Top right: Midnight Forest; Bottom left: A Quiet Coo; Bottom right: When the Frog Opened Her Eyes


ASL fingering:
Top left:
What the Iris Saw; Top right: Classic Lida-Lou; Front: When the Peonies Went Skinny-Dipping


merino/ silk fingering double (1 long gradient, dyed over 2 cakes): Quiet Time

Balinesque & Made For Monumentals_MCNg

MCN giant (150g of yarn): 
Balinesque; Right: Made For Monumentals

Purple Haze_ms DK

merino/ silk DK double (1 long gradient, dyed over 2 cakes): Purple Haze


BFL/ silk lace: A Right Mulberry Evening


ASC lace:
When the Clouds Dropped Down

Simply Pretty_MCSl

MCS heavylace:
Simply Pretty