Feb. update

Wow, that update went fast.  Everything is now sold.  I’ll get the next few updates scheduled soon and will try to keep increasing the amount of yarn available for each update.

Olympic fever, anyone?  I love streaming the Olympics online, because I can choose all kinds of odd events and watch for a good long stretch.  Yesterday, I was amazed by women’s speed skating– 3km in just under four minutes?  Colour me impressed!

In the spirit of sport + whimsy, I’ve named some of this batch of gobsmackers after a series of quirky sports that are not part of the Olympics– some were demonstration sports that never quite caught on, others were official sports that have fallen out of favour, and a few are interesting “sports” that have never been part of the Olympics.   If there’s a year listed as part of the colourname, that’s the last time that that sport appeared at the Olympics.

As usual, email me (gobsmackedyarn@gmail.com) to claim any yarn that you love; I’ll respond by email as quickly as I can and will follow up with a PayPal invoice.  Remember that colours vary across different devices, so do ask if you would like more description of a particular gobsmacker.  Note that doubles are equivalent in price to two skeins of the same base.

Dog Sledding & Ice Stock

merino DK doubles (one long gradient, over 2 skeins):
Dog Sledding (1952) (bright turquoise to kelly greens to dark magenta); Bottom: Ice Stock (1964) (this is royal purple to light turquoise)

mDK triple

merino DK triple (one long gradient, over 3 skeins):
Opening Ceremony

synchro & speed

merino/ silk DK doubles (one long gradient, over 2 skeins):
Top: Synchronized Skating (2002); Bottom: Speed Skiing (1992)



merino DK: Top left: An Eye for Elegance; Top centre: January Dawns; Top right: Polar Bear Swim; Bottom left: Cannon Shooting (1900); Bottom right: Military Patrol (1948)

A Bartholomew

merino/ silk DK gobbets (two matching 50g cakes): A Bartholomew, Ostentatiously Displayed


Four Quarter:
Top left: Hot Air Ballooning (1900); Top right: Reining (2004?); Bottom left: Snow Kayaking; Bottom right: Shovel Racing (this is dark royal purple to cadet blue with some magenta speckling)

Kaatsen 1928

Four Quarter gobbets (two matching 50g cakes): Kaatsen (1928)

Alpinism 1936

merino/ silk fingering double (one long gradient, over two skeins):
Alpinism (1936)

MCS lace_Feb

merino/ cashmere/ silk heavy lace:
left: Born a Year Old/ Korean age; right: Wushu (2008) (this is royal purple to emerald green)

ASC lace_Feb

Alpaca/ silk/ cashmere lace: left: Frost Fire; right: The Women Divers of Jeju

Ski ballet 1988

BFL/ silk lace:
Ski Ballet (1988)